8 Passions

besides creating awesome user experiences :-)


Crafting Presentations

I love building graphics and other visual assets from scratch that effectively communicate complex ideas in a delightful fashion. In the last few years of working in professional and academic spaces, I gained a reputation as the guy who takes on the responsibility of planning and creating visuals that tell project stories.


SKetching Often

Whiteboard sketching is one of my favorite ways to think critically, especially in group settings. Some problems require an additional mode of communication beyond emails, phone calls, and table-talk. I get great satisfaction from facilitating group sketching efforts towards solving tough problems.


Fostering Communties

During undergrad, I served 200+ design students with a team of peers as President of IDSA’s Georgia Tech chapter. That was my first encounter with building community and culture for a group quirky designers, and I loved it.

These days I’m serving as an elected representative for the HCI Council at Georgia Tech, and working for the HCI administration to foster the program’s continued growth in a cultural and professional sense.

Left: Launchpad, an annual design event I helped organized for showcasing projects and professional networking.


Interdisciplinary Side Projects

There’s nothing that sharpens the mind quite like working with someone from a radically different discipline than your own. For the last few years I’ve made an effort to seek out teams with diverse expertise, because I enjoy challenge of learning new jargon and working styles. In my experience these sorts of teams are worth the effort, and they create the highest likelihood of yielding great, innovative, and delightful products.

Left: me (left, UX Designer) and Sam Lutes (right, Mechanical Engineer) with a new emergency medicine delivery service and a packaging system we designed.


Volunteer Design

Being useful to others has a way of warming the soul. Over the past few years I’ve spent a lot of weekends building


Dope, Essential, Design Hardware

I may not be working as an Industrial Designer any more, but my appreciation for well designed hardware is alive and well. I enjoy the process of thoroughly researching a product’s hardware, and diving into the knitty-gritty details around the ergonomics, button feedback, and other technicalities. There’s nothing quite like a curated set of essential, pleasing, and complementary hardware to design with. Look at that LG, baby.


Emerging Collaboration Workspaces

Ask anyone in the HCI program, and they’ll tell you that I’m obsessed with Realtimeboard (now Miro) and finding other ways to collaborate. Working in a vaccum is pretty lame, because it restricts the frame of reference that a given idea can live in. I really enjoy this sector, and finding new ways to collaborate effectively with other designers, engineers, etc.

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