Sam Harvey


I’m Sam, and I follow evidence-based methods of research to design products that are useful, delightful, and respectful of existing product ecosystems.

Currently pursuing my Masters in Human-Computer Interaction at Georgia Tech, and seeking a Summer 2019 Internship.

P.S. Project stories are undergoing some updates this week. I am happy to discuss any project that piques your interest — email:



  • Georgia Tech HCI Project

  • Role: UX Researcher + Designer

Bespoke aims to provide novice and expert bicycle enthusiasts with an online platform for discovering, building, and saving bikes for purchase. Industry Partner: Atlanta Cycling


Project story coming soon.



UX Researcher, UX Designer

Homer, a project sponsored by the Home Depot, is a platform for connecting store associates with urgent questions about products, customers, and more to nearby associate veterans with the right expertise.

The system utilizes a voice assistant capable of interpreting the day-to-day jargon used to describe people, places, and things in a Home Depot Store.


Project story coming soon.


Vapor Trail

Interaction Designer

Project Vapor Trail is an interactive installation at the NASA Kennedy Space Center created from a mosaic of tiles with hidden functionality. Consulted for the NASA Kennedy Space Center as an Interaction Designer with the role of envisioning and developing guest experiences built on an interactive technology platform.


Project story coming soon.


Fret Trainer

UX Designer, Visual Designer

Fret Trainer makes the process of learning musical notation for stringed instruments fun and engaging. I worked on a team of two, one developer and one designer (me), to build the user experience from the ground up. The app was iOS and Android released in 2018, and has a 4.7 rating (172 reviews)…. Consulting Project created for:


Project story coming soon.



UX Researcher + Hardware Interface Designer

While the cognitive phenomenon behind sleep are difficult to predict, the research on environmental factors conducive to sleep is quite clear: the noise, scents, and light of a bedroom can help or hinder a good night’s rest. Senso is a suite of smart-home products that alter environmental conditions for optimal sleep, and are controlled by simple, obvious, error-forgiving interactions.


Project story coming soon.

banner_mockup_senso copy.jpg


UX Researcher + Designer

Flyover aims to put forward an evidence-based set of parameters and concepts for an artificially intelligent mobile workstation supporting disaster response commanders who need to manage resources, personnel, and chaotic situations under pressure.


Project story coming soon.