Project Overview


Northrop Grumman approached our class with a prompt… Research and suggest evidence-based design directions for mobile workstation providing an interface between a robust AI, squadron of hundreds of drone units, and an incident commander for the intents and purposes of responding and managing resources for large natural disasters.

The team worked over the course of 5 months to extensively interview and synthesize findings from a diverse set of stakeholders engaged in the problem space, and then working with the client to deliver those findings in a way that was meaningful.

This was the most extensive, engaging, and challenging project prompt I’ve ever worked with.

In the end, we delivered a package of user research, early designs, and storyboards for good designs.

This project was awarded Best Overall Industrial Design at the 2017 Georgia Tech Capstone Expo.

My Roles

Hardware Interaction Researcher:

User Experience Researcher:

Client-facing Communications:


Hareen Godthi

Alex Flohr

Shrinka Roy

Victor Perez

Industry Partners

Northrop Gruman

Disaster Response Systems Research

Stakeholder Interviews

Synthesizing User Insights into Design Parameters

Concept Testing